Only good things to feel better   - Details
It is important that you really feel good about yourself. More plus much more scientific evidence points towards a substantial link between how you're feeling about yourself plus your general health and feeling of well-being. Scientists have proven that feelings of inferiority be prepared to pave the way to illness or disease.

Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment   - Details
:In January 1985, we began a life-affirming journey with the opening of Neeraj Clinic in Rishikesh as an Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India. A tribute to the society, our intent was to make comprehensive treatment. With the Combination of Ayurvedic + Regular Psychological Counseling + Nature Therapy + Prayers = Successful Treatment available, accessible and affordable to Indians. We bridge the gaps in the existing healthcare fabric; and empower patients and their families to make informed medica

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